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Founder of Love, Awareness & Purpose Kati Inez Mesa, has offered many Holistic Health Pop Up Clinics throughout the US and within Latin America. Where she supported many within the application and practice of Holistic Health, Spiritual Growth, Somatic Healing & Purpose Embodiment. She has been in service for over 9 years and has studied and practiced Holistic Healing for over 13 years. Her Mission is to assist many to arrive into a space of Balance and within the Essences of Thriving within Body, Mind & Spirit. 

During these unexpected times, LAP Healing Arts are offering our Community support via Online/phone at a by-donation cost. Our Services range from 1:1 Consultation/Coaching to Group Support during this time of change. 

Below you will find the following by-donation services and support that is currently being offered to empower and create ease for our community during these times.  

Holistic & Spiritual Consultation

This 45-minute Consult/Coaching video call will begin the process to assist in identifying what is calling to be seen and what is being surfaced within the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional body.

Assisting to guide you into a space of feeling more empowered and ready to apply practices within your Journey we call “Life”

We are currently experiencing a huge change not just within ourselves but also within our environment. 

This session has been created to support many within their Spiritual, Mental & Health Journey. Next step is Up to You


It is moments like this that we are given a time & space to really see and unveil what has been holding you back from truly thriving within our Truth & Purpose.

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Holistic Health Consultation 

This 45 minute health consult video call, consists of us discussing what are the current symptoms that you may be experiencing and provide an Holistic Ayurvedic assessment that is rooted within Elemental Medicine. 

You will receive tips, practices and herbal recommendations to support you during this time. Leaving you feeling more present within your health healing Journey


We have witnessed many symptoms arising where one is feeling unsure if it related to the virus or is it the common cold or even allergies. This is where we jump in to ease the mind and support our community during this time. 

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The Journey of Change & Trust

This is a 6-week Online Community Support Program. Where one creates the space and time to embody what is true to their heart and soul along side of building a Community, a Tribe. Where we check in to see where we stand within our Journey as an individual and as a community.

Stay tuned, start date will be posted soon. Reserve your spot with the button below providing your name and email. 

In the meantime, we offering Monthly By donation Women's Empowerment that takes place every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Join a Tribe of Queens Rising up within their Power & Wisdom. Visit Instagram page @RisingWisdom. 

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