Love, Awareness & Purpose

Holistic Arts

Creating Balance in Mind.Body.Spirit

Grace Swann​, BA

Meditation Practitioner, Light Worker & Divination Healer 

Dwyane Swann has lived many lives in the last 26 years, but most recently that of an educator, musician, and healing guide. He offers a variety of spiritual health services in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. His mediums include oracle , stone, and crystal readings, intuitive readings and other practices.

He enjoys helping others raise their vibrations and expand their consciousness.

Sovereignty is one of Swann's core values and he believes all beings deserve that by birthright. This is the driving force behind his work. He is also deeply connected to his shadow side as he understands the importance of nurturing all parts of Self. When he is not working, he can be found making music, meditating and doing any activity that appeals to his inner child.