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Love & Awareness on the Road.

The mission of L & A on the road (Pop-Ups) is to expand one's view within the realm of Body, Mind, and Spirit practice with many through out the US, South America and the Caribbeans.

Katherine, founder of Love & Awareness began her exploration when moving from New Jersey to Boston and then to Northern California. Where she learned and connected with many within the community, her programs, her practice and being in service (volunteer). As L & A continue to grow through the practice and experience of the variety of environments they encountered they became more appreciated of what is provided and what unfolds within their journey.

Katherine, acknowledges that ones wisdom does not only exist in books alone but also through the interactions and connections with every single person she encounters. She continues to explore the different cultures that exist outside of the US but also with every unique culture that exist within the heart's of the community of the US.

As humans, we are given an opportunity to experience the sense of curiosity. This curiosity sense can easily be addressed and fulfilled with our heart's desire or it can easily be blinded by many layers of numbing and disconnections to who we truly are. It is up to us on how we explore this journey called "Life" …………………... KMesa

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Locations & Dates




Oregon Eclipse Festival

Wellness Oasis

Oregon with Rosie

Aug. 17-23, 2017

L & A's Sacred Offerings:

~ Integrative Body work

~ Mini Pulse Consult

~ Shamanic Energy Work

~ Nutritional Counseling

Oakland, CA with Katherine

Available for Somatic Bodywork Sessions & Consultations

Mid-Sept. - Nov. 2017

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Body Awareness Talks & Wellness Clinics:

May/June 2017

West Coast to East Coast

Body Awareness Talks & Wellness Clinic

~New Mexico (Taos Area)

July: 14

Available for Sessions & Consultations

~Colorado (Denver Area)

July: 17

Available for Sessions & Consultations


Body Awareness Talks & Wellness Clinic

~ Kansas City, MO (Centered Spirit)

July: 20 & 21

~ Illinois (Belleville Area)

July: 22 & 23

Available for Sessions & Consultations


Body Awareness Talks & Wellness Clinic

~ Elizabeth, New Jersey with Katherine & Frezzia H 

(Women's Bilingual Workshop)

July: 29

~New England (Boston Area)

August:4 & 5 (Revere Area)

Available for Sessions & Consultations

Mid-Aug through Sept

~New Jersey (NYC area) with Katherine

Available for Sessions & Consultations

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Cuba & Peru with Katherine

Connecting with Mountain/Village Plant Medicine & Music/Dance Healers

Fall/Winter 2017

Home Base

USA - West Coast

Bay & East Bay Area

North Bay - Santa Rosa, Sebastopol

with Katherine 

Katherine's Specials

Per Location

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