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Full & New

Moon Empowerment


Sharing Insights & Support for the Journey called "Life"

We will be holding this series thru this moon cycle, and beyond.

Unlocking Your Personal Power

On this Full moon we will be sharing with you our insights on how we Unlocked our Personal Power that led us to who we are today.

The focus of this full moon will be to look at those things that are holding us back from unlocking our personal power.

~ What behaviors or choices is holding us back?

~ Are we still repeating the same cycles that put us on that road to no-where?

~ How do these choices lead us into a dead end of our passions our dreams?

~ How can this be shifted?

Powerful Thoughts is Planting Seeds 

It is a New Moon on the 25th of May and we would like to share with you our insights on how our thoughts is creating/planting new seeds and how it guides us to our next step our next journey to fully be in our Power and our Truth as who we are today.

Lets explore together and share the wisdom of our lives.

How our life experiences, teachers, our guides and ancestors have taught us to tap into this infinite resource of light and knowledge.

Join us for this introspective and powerful transformative series!

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