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The Lymphatic System & Bodywork

What is the Lymphatic System? 

The lymph system in Ayurveda is known as the River of Life.

The lymphatic system is one of the main elimination channels in the body. It is a major factor in the absorption of nutrients from digestion into the tissues and it is also how the body removes its metabolic wastes.

The lymphatic system clears toxins, unwanted proteins, and waste which cannot be removed by any other means.

The lymphatic system maintains the connective tissues to an optimal levels, carries toxins out of the body’s interstitial spaces, helps to transport lymphocytes and hormones throughout the body, filters harmful substances and bacterial infection, maintains the balance of fluids in the body’s tissues, and it recovers substances that have escaped into the body.

What is an Lymphatic Bodywork and its Benefits?

The lymphatic system has no pump, therefore its functions are dependent upon muscle contractions, diaphragmatic breathing, and body movement. It is common to develop a sluggish lymphatic flow. One of the many causes of this include inactivity, consuming the wrong foods, drinks, and not drinking enough water.

A Lymphatic Bodywork is a technique that is designed to stimulate the lymph’s circulation in order to speed up the removal of waste from the body. It is helpful for the nervous system as it reduces sympathetic nervous activity, allows para-sympathetic activity, stimulates the defenses of the immune system, and increases the flow and volume of the lymph fluid. The technique involves the use of warm compresses, hot rocks, rhythmic strokes and pumping movements towards the direction of the lymph nodes on the body.

We provide two services that assist in moving the lymphatic system. Which is as follows:

  • Lymphatic Bodywork (Elemental/Somatic Bodywork)
  • Salt Scrub & Bodywork

Both offered in a 1.5 hour to 3 hour bodywork.


The benefits of lymphatic massage include:

  • improving circulation
  • Weight management
  • reducing Edema
  • detoxification
  • reducing cellulite in the body
  • hormonal imbalances and much more… 

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Thank you, for an amazing tandem lymphatic session. Left the session feeling nourished, held, safe, grounded, and feeling quiet & content after the session! Thank you!!!


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