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Holistic Arts

Creating Balance in Mind.Body.Spirit

Union County Office

Experience from a Body.Mind.Spirit Consultation to a Far Infrared Sauna

Bilingual Services Available.

Rates varies per Office Location

Love & Awareness Holistic Arts

Elizabeth, NJ

(707) 843-8089

Learn more on how to create a mini-retreat during your visit Elemental Consultation, Personal Growth Packages then receive an Elemental Somatic Bodywork with Katherine

Experience an Holistic Consultation with access to an Far Infrared Sauna

Spiritual/Elemental Pulse Consult & Somatic Body Work

$150 (120 MIN) with Katherine

Location: L & A Holistic Arts

This 2-hr consult and bodywork session will give you the chance to have an idea and sense of what your body has attempted to express through the physical pains along with emotional holdings.


  • Spiritual/Elemental Pulse Reading
  • Face & Tongue Assessment
  • Lymphatic/Meridian Assessment & Bodywork
  • 15 min. Infrared Sauna
  • Take Home Support 

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Introductory Holistic Health Consultation

$50 (60 MIN) with Katherine

Location: L & A Holistic Arts

This 1-hr consult we will gather details, facts, and discover the doubts that arise. You will complete your session with an understanding of the existence of what/who is possibly blocking you from thriving. (Available on Skype, In - person, and phone)


  • Take home practices
  • Pulse Consultation & Face Assessment
  • Discounted future sessions for continuous Journey of Balance with Love & Awareness. 

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