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Holistic Arts

Creating Balance in Mind.Body.Spirit

Women’s Health is their Temple

A workshop for Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Sisters and Friends

~Saturday, August 22nd at 12pm~ 

In this 3-hr bilingual (Spanish/English) workshop of “Women’s Health is their Temple” is to empower women from all around and all ages to utilize/recall the steps of nurture and nourish. In addition, we will have the opportunity to dive into the following:

  • Discover the inspirational verses of the Bible where it references the importance of the connection and health to one’s temple/body.
  • Learn how the body speaks to us through the elemental symptoms expressed through the elements, such as Hot (fire), Wet (Earth), Cold (Ether), and Dry (Air).
  • Dive into the Transition of a Women’s Cycle of Change within the Menstrual cycle and Menopause.

Our body is our temple; it is the sacred ground where we create and birth a child. We are blessed for such potential but how do we love ourselves for it? What do we do to continue to nourish and love who we are today? 

Join Us for this wonderful offering set for all Women.

Specials & Discounts

  • Tools to assist in Circulation
  • Pulse Assessment of the organs of the body
  • Nutrition - Health Consultation
  • Hydro colonic Packages
  • Much more….


12pm: Introduction and Intentions for the afternoon.

1pm: Speakers:

Pastor Gloria Mesa, Women’s President Gloria Aguirre, and Holistic Practitioner Katherine Mesa

2pm: Discover more through

• Practices

• 5-10minute assessment

• Self-Care Tools

3pm: Closing




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