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Did you know we offer Elemental Nutrition Consult, Ayurvedic Pulse Reading Assessments, Swedish Massage, and an unique Lympahtic Bodywork (Taught by DeAnna Batdorff) which includes: Gua Sha, Cupping, Warm rocks and compresses.

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Pablo's Massage & Nutritional Consult

$65 Swedish/Deep

Tissue Massage ($85 Value)

Treat yourself to a Luxurious 60 minute massage, which is beneficial for:

  • Releasing chronic muscle tension
  • Relieve Pain & Stiffness of muscles and joints. 

The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

$100/1.5 Hr or $120/2hr Elemental Lymphatic Massage (up to $20 savings)

This in-Depth Ayurvedic experience will facilitate your body's Lymphatic System (also known as the Immune System) in liquefying dry stagnant lymph and initiate the releasing of Toxins and Lactic Acid trapped deep within the muscles.

Includes all above plus..

• Nutritional Consultation                   • Cuppings

• Remedy Recommendations            • Guasha

Gift Certificates available

The perfect gift of Health and Wellness

Katherine's Holistic Consultation & Body Work

*$70 1.5-Hour ($95 Value) Spiritual/Elemental Pulse Consult, & Lymphatic Assessment/Body work

Ever felt disconnected from your physical body? Or wondered why you are experiencing allot more pain or discomfort of picking something up or even having long walks?

This 1.5-hr consult and bodywork session will give you the chance to have an idea and sense of what your body has attempted to express through the physical pains along with emotional holdings.

Our body is that vehicle that holds a beautiful soul to explore and experience. Do not let the pain and discomfort stop you from fully enjoying every moment of your life.

*(Home Visits Available)


  • Ayurvedic Pulse Consultation
  • Ayurvedic Lymphatic Bodywork

  • Face & Tongue Assessment
  • Take Home Support 

Home Visit Fee Not Included

  • Lymphatic Assessment

~Insight Dialogue Practice with Self, Spirit, Soul, Body and Purpose~

A (4) Session Practice/Support. Insight Dialogue allows one to dive into a much deeper prospective of what is occurring not just around oneself but also within one's inner journey. Everyday we are provided an opportunity to be guided by spirit but at times it is a bit difficult to receive and apply it when we are hesitant of what is. 

To receive facilitation in this practice - It is a month commitment that must be set for you and for your inner journey of balance and connection. 

Cost/Investment: $200 (4 sessions)

The Journey Includes:

• One (2 Hour) Session Per Week (Total of 4 for One Month)

• Spiritual/Elemental Pulse Reading

• Take Home Practices

• Essential Oil Reinforcement

• Pressure Point Assessment

$45. 1- Hour ($65 Value)

Introductory Holistic Health


Asking yourself why you feel out of place or confused? Feel like there is something missing in your life? Wonder why you haven't found that right partner yet? Or why is your health off balance when you tried it all?

This 1-hr consult we will gather details, facts, and discover the doubts that arise. You will complete your session with an understanding of the existence of what/who is possibly blocking you from thriving. (Available on Skype, In - person, and phone)


  • Take home practices
  • Pulse Consultation & Face Assessment (In-Person Sessions)
  • Discounted future sessions for continuous Journey of Balance with Love & Awareness. 

Gift Certificates available

The perfect gift of Awareness & Balance

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