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Feeling Grateful for our Mother's by Offering these wonderful

"Mother's Day Specials"

ends on May 31st

$45 1-Hour ($65 Value)

Elemental Holistic Consult with Personalized Nasya (Oil) Blend with Katherine

As we shift from winter to spring, the elements within are also shifting and adjusting. Where you may notice sinus issues, congestion, migraines, dizziness or itchy nose or ears arising. Or Are you filled with ideas (from the winter) but having difficultly grounding them? Are you experiencing a block of your creativity and inner vision? These are signals that your upper channels are not fully flowing and aren't nourished.

A nasya oil blend will be customized based on how your flow is and what is it that you would like to ground and vision within your journey.


  • Ayurvedic Consult/Assessment (Online or In Person)
  • Customized ears & nose (upper channel) Oil blend
  • home practices

Book to Envision

$180 3-Hour ($275 Value)

Holistic Consult & Bodywork Support Package 

with Katherine

Have you ever felt that you just may have needed a bit more guidance after your amazing Bodywork/Consultation Session? Where a follow-up/support after your session can truly encourage the balance that you are wanting to create within your journey called "Life".

Experience a two day support where Day 1 you will receive a 2 hour consult and bodywork and on Day 2 a 1 hour follow up/check in to uncover how your body, mind and essence has integrated the change.


  • Ayurvedic Pulse Consultation on Day 1 & 2
  • Day 1: 2 Hr Elemental Pulse Consult & Somatic Bodywork
  • Day 2: 1 Hr Holistic Consult/Assessment - Phone/Online Follow up
  • Take home practices

Book to Experience

~Personal Growth Package for Self, Spirit, Soul, Body and Purpose~

2-Month of Wellness Support for Self, Spirit, Soul,

Body and Purpose with Katherine~

The intentions of creating the Personal Growth Package is to allow a weekly support from one to three month support of ones Personal growth & transformation. Have you been asking to receive more support on your spiritual & Personal Growth journey. Here is an opportunity to be supported and guided on how dive in for One Month to three Months of Support.

This Special is for a 2-month Experience that will be set for you and your

inner journey of balance and connection.

Begin the Exploration Journey with Katherine

Investment: $350 Per Month

The Journey Includes:

~ Spiritual/Elemental Guidance & Tools ~ Personal Growth Practices

~Physical Movement Practices ~ Dream Interpretations ~ Email Support


Month 1:

I. 1.5hr Initial Ayurvedic Holistic Pulse Consult and Somatic Assessment

II. (3) 1.5 hr Integration Sessions

III. (1) Customized Personal Growth Reinforcement Essential Oil Blend


Month 2:

I. (1) 3hr Ayurvedic Holistic Pulse Consult & Somatic Bodywork

II. (3) 1.5hr Integration Sessions

III. (1) Customized Personal Growth Reinforcement Massage Essential Oil Blend

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The perfect gift of Awareness & Balance

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Grateful for all Mothers

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